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Professional Consultations Through a Certified International Celebrity Tarot Card Reader & Life Coach

Hey there, I'm Tanya, your go-to International Tarot Card Reader, boasting over a decade of experience and a client list that includes some fabulous Celebrities/Influencers. Yep, I've got the celebrity stamp of approval!


So, what's the deal with Tarot, you ask? Well, it's like a cosmic cheat code that gives you a sneak peek into the mysteries of life. But hold your horses – I'm not here to dictate your life choices. Think of me as your cosmic co-pilot, navigating the universe to find the coolest solutions to your situations.

Now, I can't predict the future down to the exact minute. I mean, I'm good, but not that good! Your decisions are all about your free will, my friend. So, if you're looking for a crystal ball telling you exactly "when," I'm afraid I can't provide that. Life's more like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, you feel me?

I bring my A-game to every reading, using Tarot, intuition, and a dash of experience to tell your unique story. No beating around the bush here – I'm all about honesty, straight talk, and delivering quality insights. Just don't throw medical or pregnancy questions at me, okay? That's not my Tarot turf.

This isn't just a hustle for me; it's my passion. I read, I share, and together we embark on a cosmic journey. And guess what? Everything we discuss is like a secret society – just between you and me. Your info stays locked down tighter than a vault. The only time I spill the cosmic beans is when clients willingly share testimonials or examples, always with their thumbs up.


So, if you're ready for a Tarot experience that's as fun as it is enlightening, let's dive into the cosmic playground together!

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