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Terms & Conditions

Payments & Refunds

- All appointments must be booked, and payment must be completed prior to the scheduled Tarot reading.
- Refunds are subject to approval by Tanya, the Tarot Card Reader.
- Readings will be conducted online via Instagram and/or Zoom, with all appointments adhering to Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Rescheduling Appointments & Sharing Readings

- Flexibility is allowed for rescheduling appointments. Please communicate any changes promptly.


Group Readings

- For group readings, a 20% non-refundable deposit is required within 48 hours after confirmation to hold the event date.
- Deposits are non-refundable, except in case of cancellation on the reader's part. In such cases, a full refund will be provided.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are the readings completed?
A: Tarot cards, intuition, and the connection to the client's energy form the basis of the reading.


Q: How can you complete a reading online without seeing me?
A: Online readings leverage energetic imprints created during communication, allowing for a focused connection.


Q: What if I test you and you get it wrong?
A: Tarot interpretation is subjective. Deliberately providing false information may lead to misinterpretations.


Q: How accurate are you?
A: Based on received feedback, the accuracy rate is estimated to be around 99.9%.


Q: Can I get a free reading?
A: Free readings are occasionally offered via Instagram advertisements, not upon request.


Q: Do you accept international payments?
A: Yes, our payment processors accept payments from most international countries.


Q: How do I know you're not a fraud?
A: The business was established out of passion, and efforts are made to maintain visibility and authenticity on social media.


Client testimonials are encouraged to provide unbiased opinions.


Additional Notes

1. Tarot readings are provided solely for entertainment purposes. The reader assumes no legal liability for any consequences resulting from client decisions made following a reading. Clients are urged to exercise their judgment, as the future is dynamic and subject to change.

2. Occasionally, technical issues may occur during a video chat session (e.g., dropped calls, internet connection loss, power outage, service disruption, or computer malfunction) that are outside of the reader's control. In such cases, the reader will make efforts to restore the call and make up for lost time.

3. Tarot readings are not intended for fortune-telling purposes, such as revealing the name of a future spouse or lottery numbers. The reader does not guarantee the accuracy of reading, and readings do not replace professional medical, legal, or business advice. Clients are solely responsible for any decisions or actions taken based on the reading.


By scheduling a reading, clients acknowledge and accept the above terms and conditions.

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