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Hey You,

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You have the power to shape a life that's driven by harnessing your individual energy. You're not just present on this page, but you're meant to be here on this planet, embracing your full potential. Every experience and lesson has led you to this very moment.

I specialize in helping individuals like yourself merge their distinct energy with effective strategies tailored to their needs. This ensures you never feel trapped by challenges, and should you encounter obstacles, I'm here to provide guidance every step of the way!

My Story

Welcome, lovely souls! I'm Tanya, your trusted International Tarot Card Reader, boasting a decade of experience and a star-studded client list including fabulous Celebrities/Influencers. Yes, I've earned the celebrity stamp of approval!

In your journey with tarot, you'll uncover the magic of resourcefulness, breaking free from society's narrow definitions of success. My readings seamlessly weave into your life's tapestry, empowering you to pursue your true desires with freedom and authenticity. Embracing rest and embracing your unique path, you'll navigate life's twists with confidence and clarity.

Yes, I'm a proud millennial, and yes, every sentence of every message I write starts with an exclamation point! (Although I'll admit, I do edit to avoid coming off as too excitable!)

Transitioning from a background in Social Work and Counselling, I'm here to offer guidance and support. The world needs more of your authentic self, less of the watered-down version that fears rocking the boat. Each person is a perfect puzzle piece, and embracing your true self is the greatest gift you can offer the world.

Curious about tarot? It's like a cosmic cheat code, offering glimpses into life's mysteries. But fear not, I'm not here to dictate your choices. Consider me your cosmic co-pilot, navigating the universe to find the coolest solutions to your dilemmas.

While I can't predict the future down to the minute (I'm good, but not that good!), I bring my A-game to every reading, combining tarot, intuition, and experience to tell your unique story. Honest, straightforward, and insightful, I'll never beat around the bush. Just keep medical or pregnancy questions off my tarot turf!

This isn't just a hustle for me; it's my passion. Together, we embark on a cosmic journey, sharing insights and revelations. And rest assured, everything shared remains confidential – our cosmic secrets are safe with me!

So, if you're ready for a tarot experience that's both fun and enlightening, let's dive into the cosmic playground together!

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